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Fishing on the Cowlitz is still going well. We are getting a lot of summer run steelhead yet. A lot of people are still fishing, weekdays aren’t as busy as the weekends. There is a lot of variety of fishing going on. The water has been fluctuating a little bit, which has been kind of bad. It takes awhile to get the fish stabilized again. We were down to 2400 and are now back up to 3300. A couple of days last week we were up to 5000. It makes it kind of tough for the fishermen. But they are still sticking it out.

They are still catching some nice fish, steelhead in the teens and a handful of chinook are being caught. I see the hatchery took three fall Chinook in last week, so that is a start. With these fish anymore we never know what is happening.

We have a variety of fishing in the area. Mayfield Lake are getting some nice trout from what I have heard and in Riffe Lake they are getting fish but I am hearing it is still kind of spotty. Some days they get their limits and some days they don’t even get a bit. Swofford is still doing well, they have some nice size trout, catfish and bass.

Take a nice day and go fishing :)


Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground

August 15, 2016