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Things at Barrier are still going real good. Lots of people and they have been catching lots of fish. Of course where there’s fish there’s people!

We still have spring chinook coming in and late winter run steelhead. They have been doing very well. We are seeing lots of limits salmon especially. Blue Creek is still doing well for steelhead. I am hearing of an occasional spring Chinook caught down in that area to. They have to come thru there to get up here. 

The whole river is doing well as far as fishing goes for boat fishermen and bank fishermen.

They are still using sand shrimp, eggs and tuna bellies. Some of the boats are doing bait and diver and some are doing herring or sardine wrap on their quick fish. Some are also pulling plugs when the waters down. Right now we are at 5100. That’s good plug pulling fishing. Bank fishermen are using jigging bobber, egging bobber and some are just free drifting with quite a few plunking.

All in all its going well on the Cowlitz, Mayfield Lake, Riffe are getting some nice trout. They have been getting some silvers out of Riffe Lake, also they have been getting some nice trout out of Swofford. South County Park in Toledo are getting some nice trout too. 

We still have a variety of fishing. Take a nice day and go fishing. 


Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground

May 10, 2016