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The rain has started. As of this morning the Cowlitz is running 10,700 CFS. That should bring more fish up. Our silver run is not like last year,but they are catching some nice ones now.

We have a lot of jacks this year. They did reduce your silver limit to one adult, and five jacks. Your limit on salmon is six. You can have one adult silver and one adult king if you can find one worth keeping and then four jacks. If you do catch two adults first you are done fishing for salmon.

They are using twitching jigs, corkies, Blue Fox spinners, alot of eggs and sand shrimp.

We are seeing a lot of steel head yet. Most of those are coming from Blue Creek area. A lot of guys are fishing nights at Blue Creek. Sand shrimp, jigs and corkies have been the most popular down there.

Your limit on steel head is three. It is barbless hooks and all fish have to be hatchery.

Put your rain gear on and go catch a fish to go along with your Turkey Dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving



Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground

Nov 14, 2015