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If you want to catch a fish the Cowlitz River is a good place to fish now. They are catching late winter run steelhead and Spring Chinook. The steelhead are also being caught at Barrier Dam now. Blue Creek has been very good for steelhead yet.

Boats and bankers are doing good. Bank fishermen are using the basic, sand shrimp, corkie and yarn, and of course jig and bobber. A variety of colors are being used. Fish Doctor jig is what
most are using. Boaters are pulling plugs, free drifting shrimp and eggs, or pulling bait divers with bait. 

We are seeing spring Chinook being caught at Barrier Dam now. Most are using sand shrimp or eggs, sometime they use the two together, The Cowlitz cocktail.

The biggest salmon we have weighed in is 22LBS. Nice fish.

They are fishing Riffe Lake now for the silvers. I'm told they are catching 12 to 16 in. fish. Fishermen are fishing Swafford Pond for Bass and cat-fish.

South County Park in Toledo is still producing limits of trout.

We have a variety of fishing in the area, take a day and relax and go fishing.


Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground

April 13, 2014