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Fishing the Cowlitz River is still going good. They are still catching spring Chinook and we have summer run steel head coming in now. Early morning and late afternoon into the evening has been the best in this hot weather.

Most of the salmon we are seeing are coming from the Barrier Dam area. They are still using a lot of jig and bobber witha looney cooney tail or a piece of tuna belly. Lures are also productive in the low water. They have been using blue fox, little Cleo's and dick nites.

Most of the steel head we are seeing are coming from Blue Creek area. A boat came in last Monday at 10:30 with 6 nice steel head.

Not a lot of pressure on the river right now so it is comfortable fishing. Boaters be careful as the water is low. Most are pulling divers with bait or plugs in the low water. Bankers are using corky and yarn or jig and bobber. A variety of colors are being used.

The lakes are doing good now. They are catching some tiger muskies in Mayfield now. I haven't heard of any keepers yet. They are catching silvers in Riffe lake. The 108 bridge is open now so they are fishing both ends of the lake. Swafford pond is doing good for cat fish now. Most are fishing at night for them.

We have a variety of fishing in the area so take a day relax and go fishing.



Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground

June 13, 2015